Engagement Letter for Zown Clients

Dear Zown Client,

You retain us to represent you in connection with your real estate closing. We anticipate that our representation will involve taking the following steps on your behalf:

  1. title searches;
  2. title or status certificate review;
  3. transfer title and register a mortgage via TeraView;
  4. management of trust funds, including receipt, holding, and release of such fund; and
  5. such other specific legal services that may arise which require an LSO Licensee to complete.

In all cases, the Legal Services will be delivered by the lawyer. Please find their details below: 

Full Name: Ryan Phillip Nelson Martin
Law Society Number: 71370L
Phone: +1-416-900-0389
Address: 1245 Danforth Avenue Unit 203, Toronto, ON M4J 5B5
Firm Name: Aura LLP
Fax details: 4163223555

Legal Fees: $700 + HST, excluding third-party disbursements.

Third-party disbursements are the costs incurred by a lawyer that are directly related to the closing of your property, charged by other service providers. They include Title search fee, Registration costs, Execution search fees, Transaction levy surcharge, Tax certificate, Title insurance etc.

We do not require an upfront fee for a standard real estate transaction. Rather, your legal fees are paid from the funds provided for the purchase.

You have the right to terminate our services to you upon written notice up to 30 days prior to the closing. Philer reserves the right to terminate our services to you for reasons which include, but are not limited to: (a) if you fail to provide us the required information in the reasonable timeframe; (b) if our continuing to act would be unethical or impractical.

Please be advised that Philer Inc is a registered business entity in Ontario and is approved by the Law Society of Ontario to facilitate legal services for the lawyer. Philer reserves the right to assign other lawyers in our firm to perform legal services if in our judgment that becomes necessary or desirable without prior consent.