Philer and Vaultie Announce Strategic Partnership

Philer AI and Vaultie recently unveiled a groundbreaking strategic partnership set to redefine client intake processes for legal professionals. This alliance combines Philer AI’s advanced Client Intake solution with Vaultie’s robust Client Identity Verification (KYC), marking a pivotal moment in legal tech innovation.

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Vaultie joins Philer AI as their Identity Verification partner.

The integration of Vaultie’s KYC capabilities with Philer AI’s Client Intake solution offers an unparalleled advantage to legal practitioners. Notably, this collaboration positions Philer AI as the exclusive Client Intake solution for Lawyers compliant with the stringent Client Verification requirements of the Law Society of Ontario.

By leveraging Vaultie’s cutting-edge identity verification tools, Philer AI elevates its platform’s functionality, streamlining and fortifying the client onboarding experience. Through automated and secure identity verification processes, lawyers can now ensure compliance with regulatory standards while maintaining the efficiency and accuracy of client intake procedures.

This strategic partnership brings forth a myriad of benefits for legal professionals. Firstly, it enhances the integrity and security of client data, safeguarding sensitive information through Vaultie’s robust verification protocols. Secondly, the integration simplifies the compliance process, saving lawyers valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent navigating complex verification requirements.

Moreover, the synergy between Philer AI and Vaultie fosters increased trust and confidence among clients. The assurance of stringent identity verification procedures instills a sense of reliability and credibility in the legal services offered, bolstering client relationships and solidifying the reputation of legal firms.

In essence, the collaboration between Philer AI and Vaultie stands as a testament to the transformative power of strategic partnerships in the realm of legal technology. This amalgamation not only simplifies compliance with regulatory frameworks but also amplifies the efficiency, security, and trustworthiness of client intake processes for lawyers, ultimately reshaping the landscape of legal service provision.


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