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Get Referrals From Channel Partners

Philer makes it easy for realtors and mortgage advisors to connect their clients with the Law firm of their choice, ensuring they receive the best legal support they need throughout their transaction.

Philer enables realtors or mortgage brokers to easily refer their clients to your law firm and track the real-time status of their files with just a few taps on their phones. Our Partner app will guide them through the process, ensuring all necessary information is provided and their client’s privacy is protected.

Get Client Referrals from Realtors

Title Fraud Protection

Verify Clients & Documents

Title fraud is a growing problem that affects millions of people every year. Fraudsters can use stolen or forged documents to transfer ownership of the property without the owner’s knowledge or consent, leaving them with the devastating consequences of losing their home and ruining the law firm’s reputation.

Philer’s Client Intake platform not only automates client onboarding but also detects and prevents fraudulent transactions, ensuring that only authorized parties can request changes to the property title.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

If you are a Real Estate professional, you know how redundant some processes are. An average law firm spends 150 hours collecting and consolidating client’s information from emails to their desktop and then to conveyancing softwares. 

Philer saves you countless hours and money by eliminating tasks like manual data entry, routine document generation, gathering additional information etc. 

What Kind of Software Do Lawyers Use?

Central Database For Client Information

Manage Clients from Anywhere

Avoid the hassle of continuous back and forth between various software and keep all client details, ownership status, property description and demographic profile in one place – on the cloud.

Philer is a powerful digital sidekick that empowers law firms and lawyers to deliver a better overall client experience, automate menial tasks, improve communication with their clients & team and store all legal documents on a cloud safely all in one place that can be accessed anytime anywhere.

Bespoke Legal Software

Ready to deliver results

Use Philer’s comprehensive and easy to understand dashboard to gain insights about the case history, progress, recent status, number of transactions and much more allowing you to have a high level of oversight and a clear record of your firm’s performance.

You can save countless hours and money by eliminating tasks like manual data entry, routine document generation, gathering additional information etc.

Pre-built for you

Built for Real Estate professionals, we already know what you need. 

AI-powered Technology that solves real problems

Our Solutions

Easy Client Referral

Get Referrals and share file status with realtors, mortgage agents and lenders in real time.

Verified Client Intake

Gather Client's Documents and other sensitive information through a secure online platform.

Easy Status Sharing

Manage all your client and transactions using a secure and easily accessible cloud platform.

and much more


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